2013   Robohand, the first 3D printed mechanical set of fingers, is created by Richard van As of South Africa in collaboration with Ivan Owen of Washington State.  The Design is open-sourced on Thingiverse.com for the world to download.

2013   Snap-Together, a simpler version of the original Robohand, is created. It is faster, easier to construct and built to help people understand the mechanics of Robohand. Information on downloading this product can be found at this link.

Spring 2014   Cyborg Beast, created as a collaboration between Jorge Zuniga, Ivan Owen and Peter Binkley, showcases textured finger tips for gripping, Chicago screw joints, cable routing through the device palm and a tensioning system in the gauntlet. Instructions to download this device are found here.

Fall 2014   Finally, the Raptor. Put together by some of e-NABLE’s best, the Raptor Hand is easy to print and assemble. It has 3D printed snap pins, a modular tensioning system, and compatibility with both velcro and leather palm enclosures. Go to this link to find all files for the design. 


History of open-source Prosthetic Devices